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I have just unpacked my bee hive and accessories and I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the wood and the craftsmanship. My brother assembled my first hive and it was ok but Heather Bell assembled hive is far superior. I look forward to extending my bee keeping in the spring!
Written by Olwen P on 20/11/2023.
Just a quick email to say many thanks for this order.
As EVER great quality and prices.
Very happy customer.
Written by Edward N on 14/10/2023.
I've now received my beginners kit and I'm very pleased with the contents.
Written by Michael M on 14/08/2023.
Thank you very much. I have now treated the hive and very happy with it.
Written by Patrick T on 30/06/2023.
The National [hives] are super quality and I am delighted with your products - hence I keep buying!
Written by Paul L on 20/06/2023.
A quick thank you from a very satisfied customer - it was great to receive my new hive yesterday. Painting it red today to set up in my lovely colourful apiary. Your hives are such excellent quality and all the parts fit together just brilliantly - I won’t buy from anywhere else now!
Written by Nikki H on 16/06/2023.
[Equipment} Looks great, thank you!
Written by Dray T on 16/06/2023.
Our queen arrived safely today and is now in her new hive.
Thank you for the quick despatch,
Written by Alan G on 06/06/2023.
She [queen bee] arrived safe and sound. [Now] enthroned in a nuc.
Written by Mark A on 04/06/2023.
Thank you for the prompt delivery very happy customer.
Written by Stephen T on 03/06/2023.
Thanks very much for a lovely box of bees.
Very much appreciated.
Written by Mark W on 03/06/2023.
Thank you for the great product and service.
I received the observation hive yesterday. It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to put it to use.
Written by Zac T on 21/04/2023.
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