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National Bee Hive, Queen Finder Screen


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National Bee Hive, Queen Finder Screen for isolating and finding the queen when finding the queen is essential.
This is designed for our Standard National bee hives.

Recommended use (product images show the empty boxes used but not included with this product):
  • Move the existing brood box(es) to one side onto a second floor.
  • Place an empty brood box on the existing floor.
  • Place the Queen Finder Screen onto the empty brood box.
  • Place another empty box onto the Queen Finder Screen.
  • Brush the bees from a frame into the top empty box.
  • Workers will go down through the queen excluder into the bottom empty box - use a smoker to encourage them to do so.
  • Place the comb, now cleared of bees, into the bottom box.
  • Check the queen excluder for the queen.
  • Repeat for each frame until the queen is found.
  • When the queen is found and made safe in a cage, remove the top empty box and Queen Finder Screen and reassemble the hive.