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HiveAlive Fondant, Bee Feed, 1kg, x10

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1kg pouches x 10.
HiveAlive Fondant is premium fondant with the correct dosage of HiveAlive added as well as a blend of Vitamins & Amino Acids chosen for bee health.
Easy to use all year round so perfect for winter feeding.
Just cut a hole in the pouch to match the feeder hole in the crown board and put in place or directly onto the top bars.
Why choose HiveAlive Fondant?
 - Correct dose of HiveAlive incorporated.
 - Additional vitamins & amino acids added optimised for bee health.
 - Safe, produced using enzymatic hydrolysis without the use of acids or heat processing giving no harmful HMF.
 - Very fine particle size sugar for enhanced digestion.
 - Natural active ingredients.
 - Only European, non-GMO ingredients.
 - Very thin and flat packaging to allow ease of placement directly on top of colonies.