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Bat Box, Cavity Roost


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This Bat Box provides a habitat for cavity roosting bats.
Suitable for the British cavity roosting bats - including the Brown Long-Eared, Daubenton's, Natterer's, Bechstein's, Grey Long-Eared, Whiskered, Brandt's and Nathusius' Pipistrelle bats. These species together make up about 20% of UK bats.
This bat box has a bottom entrance specifically sized to allow the entrance of the bats but deter other animals and birds.
The bottom entrance also allows bat droppings to fall out so the box does not require cleaning.
The visible bat ladder makes it easy for the bats to enter.
This bat ladder extends inside both front and back all the way to the top of the enlarged upper cavity for bats to roost and cluster together.
Constructed from 19mm solid untreated insulating timber - approx 330mm x 240mm x 150mm.
It is recommended to apply a water repellent treatment to the external surfaces but do not use preservatives.
Wood Stain & Protect is available which is water based and animal friendly - Ebony Black is a good choice as it will absorb heat keeping the habitat warm.
Bat boxes are best positioned as high as possible (3-5m) under the eaves of buildings or on trees and should face away from cold east and north winds.
It is recommended to attach the box by attaching battens of wood to the back of the box and then securing the battens to the wall or tree.
Placing several bat boxes in different sites will help provide bats a choice of roosting places.

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