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Hazel Dormouse Nest Box


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This box provides a breeding nest box and is designed for monitoring Hazel Dormouse populations.
It is based upon the Brampton dormouse nest box, named after the first successful reintroduction project at Brampton Wood Cambridgeshire.
Successfully used in dormouse population monitoring projects - designed to allow easy checking whilst preventing its use by other species e.g. wasps and birds.
With an easy to lift off roof (screws for securing the roof are fitted) revealing an easy to remove inspection panel (fitted with stainless steel mesh).
The entrance hole is underneath preventing rainwater ingress whilst increasing drainage and ventilation.
The bottom entrance shelf prevents squirrels and birds accessing the entrance hole and pivots to allow easy return of dormice. It also acts as a support together with the single fixing batten.
Made from insulating 19mm solid timber.
Note that the deliberate disturbance of dormice is prohibited unless licensed to carry out the fieldwork.
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