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Bee Gym and Bee Gym Slim, Varroa Control


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The Bee Gym and Bee Gym Slim provide a low-cost, chemical-free and sustainable way of helping honeybees groom themselves to get rid of varroa mites.
The Bee Gym is a simple device that is placed inside any hive to encourage bees to groom varroa mites off their bodies. It has wires, flippers and scrapers on its small (11.5 cm by 11 cm) plastic frame that bees voluntarily rub their backs and abdomens against to groom themselves of varroa mites. The mites then fall through a normal varroa mesh floor.
The Bee Gym Slim is designed to fit on top of the brood frames of any hive, spanning the gap between the frames.
The Bee Gym Slim comes in a 3 pack and for best results all three should be used in the same hive.
The Bee Gym Slim is designed to use in conjunction with the original Bee Gym with the Slim Gyms at the top of the brood box and the Bee Gym on the open mesh floor.

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