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National Bee Hive, Assembled, Complete Hive, Choose Colour


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British National Bee Hive with Standard Deep Brood Box and 2 Standard Shallow Boxes, assembled, treated with 2 coats of Wood Stain & Protect in your choice of colour.
Choose from the colour options to customise your bee hive.
Includes from the top down:
  • Roof, vented and metal clad - choice of Roof.
  • Crownboard with feeding and clearing holes.
  • 2 Standard Shallow Super Boxes.
  • Standard Deep Brood Box or Extra Deep (14x12 Jumbo) Brood Box.
  • Varroa Mesh Floor including 3 way entrance block and sliding inspection tray.
  • Choice of roof
  • Choice of feeder can be added - 4 pint rapid feeder with Extra Shallow Box to house it or Adam Top Feeder.
  • Contents can be added to fill the 3 boxes (ensure you choose the contents to match your brood box choice i.e. Standard Deep or Extra Deep) which includes:
    • 22 Shallow and 11 Deep assembled Hoffman Frames fitted with Beeswax Foundation sheets
    • 2 Shallow and 1 Deep Dummy Boards.
  • A Queen Excluder can be added.
  • A Hive Stand can be added.
  • This is supplied treated with two coats of Wood Stain & Protector - choose colour - see example image.
All woodwork is knot free untreated 19mm solid timber.