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Now taking orders for spring 2019.
We have a limited number of nucleus colonies with locally bred Buckfast queen bees - good temper and productivity.
These are overwintered nucleus colonies so they will be available early before the breeding season.
Dependent on weather we expect availability late April - early May - date below is best guess.
There is only a limited number available so order before we sell out .
Nucleus colonies of honey bees are only supplied for orders with payment made in advance.
Nucleus colonies are for collection only - Free Delivery does not apply.
Customers who have ordered will be notified by email when colonies are ready to collect - colonies can only be held for one week after this notification.
Bees for sale - Our Nucleus Honey Bee Colonies are bred in U.K. supplied on a minimum of 5 combs with a U.K. bred laying queen. They are supplied ready for transport in an appropriate nucleus hive which is included in the price. These nucleus colonies are supplied on Standard Deep Hoffman frames suitable for National and WBC hives with a Standard Deep Brood box.
With basic care, bees can be transported long distances safely but carriers do not take care (it is not fair on the poor bees) so you will understand why we only offer bees for collection.
We are members of the Bee Farmers Association of the U.K. - the voice of professional beekeeping. Over the years we have passed on hundreds of colonies, helping beginners and beekeeping projects to start their own apiaries.
All livestock is disease checked and in accordance with NBU and FERA guidelines.

We expect this to be available Wednesday 01 May, 2019.