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Honey Labels, x50, Large, D10


Prices Include VAT (if applicable)
Honey Labels x 50 - 75mm x 50mm, laser printed waterproof ink
Black text on a bright honeycomb pattern
These are supplied printed with our design and the text as shown.
Text Area 1 = Product of U.K.
Text Area 2 = PURE HONEY
Text Area 3 = 227g 8oz
The text in the 3 areas can be personalised or left blank
Please email your text changes in the same format, for examples,
Text Area 1 = Product of Wales, The House, The Street, The Town, Postcode, Telephone
Text Area 2 = COUNTY HONEY
Text Area 3 = 227g 8oz
Text Area 1 = Produced from Jennifers bee hives at home
Text Area 3 = leave blank
Please note that lengthy words or text can result in smaller text size
If you are selling your honey then there are some labelling regulations to consider.
  • The word Honey, the weight and country of origin must be clearly visible on the front of the container
  • A Best Before date must be somewhere on the container (usually no more than 2 years from date of bottling)
  • The address of the producer must be somewhere on the container
  • A lot or batch number must be somewhere on the container but it is not required if a DD.MM.YY best before date is used
We have taken care of some of these regulations already in the design of our labels.
If you are not selling your honey then, of course, anything goes