National Bee Hive, Assembled, Complete Long Hive, Extra Deep 14x12 Box

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  • Available from: Saturday 30 November, 2019
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British National Long Hive, Extra Deep 14x12 Box.
Fully assembled, no DIY needed.
All woodwork is knot free untreated solid timber - weather proofing wood treatment is recommended to keep hives dry.
Long or horizontal hives are a popular method of keeping bees.
Our National Long Bee Hives are exactly twice the width of a National Standard bee hive.
This allows both Standard and 5 Frame boxes to be used on top.
The hive can be used for one colony horizontally to avoid weight lifting.
It has a central divider so the colony can be artificially swarmed or split within the same hive.
Alternatively, using the central divider, the hive can be used for two colonies each benefitting from the insulation of the other.
Includes from the top down:
  • Gabled Roof, Ventilated and Metal clad
  • 2 Combined Crownboard and Clearing Boards with feeding and clearing holes
  • Long Extra Deep 14x12 Box
  • Division Board
  • Varroa Mesh Floor incorporating 2 entrances including 2 way entrance blocks and sliding Varroa inspection trays.
  • This can be supplied filled with 24 Hoffman self spacing Extra Deep 14x12 frames assembled and fitted with wired beeswax foundation and 2 Dummy Boards.
  • The Long Folding Bee Hive Stand can be added. This is designed to bring the hive to a convenient working height. 
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