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National Bee Hive, Assembled, Varroa Mesh Floor


Prices Include VAT (if applicable)
National Open Mesh Varroa Floor designed by us. These are assembled and complete.
These include:
  • A separate entrance block with 2 reduced entrances, 6.5mm x 120mm to guard against intruders generally and 6.5mm x 20mm to guard against robbing.
  • Fitted with stainless steel mesh. 8 wires to the inch, 0.5mm wire. This provides the largest open area for Varroa mite drop possible, far superior to expanded steel.
  • Varroa inspection tray. Designed for easy Varroa monitoring and also designed to provide an adequate closure to the floor needed when applying Varroa treatments such as Apiguard.
Weather proofing wood treatment is recommended to keep hives dry. 'Oiling' the Varroa Inspection Tray with petroleum jelly is recommended to ensure mites stick to the tray as well as mitigating the ingress of damp and making the tray slide easily.