Beekeeping & Wildlife Supplies, Cornwall, South West UK

Queen Bee, UK Bred


Prices Include VAT (if applicable)
We do not import honey bees.
These queen bees for sale are bred and mated in the U.K.
Bred from our own production stocks and open mated so they are adapted for our environment and do not have the problems associated with imported honey bees.
Mated queen bees usually become available from June to August but it is weather dependent and supply is naturally limited.
Contact us for availability.

Caged queen bees are supplied with attendants and are unmarked - we do not mark queen bees.
Queen bees are sent by Royal Mail 1st Class. Packing & Postage charge - £4.80.

Beginners note: a colony cannot be started with just a queen bee, a colony must be started with a nucleus colony or package.