National Bee Hive, Assembled, Extra Shallow Box, Heather Super


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British National Bee Hive, Empty Extra Shallow, Heather Super, Fully assembled.
These are a versatile piece of equipment with different uses.
They are made the same as a standard super but are only 90mm high.

  • Use them empty, they are ideal as a feeder eke to house a 4 Pint Feeder or fondant.
  • They can also be used to simply convert a Standard Deep Brood Box into a Jumbo 14x12 Brood Box.
  • Use them with frames for snatch cropping and comb honey production. Often a standard super will not be filled but these shallower supers will be filled with comb.

All woodwork is knot free untreated solid timber - weather proofing wood treatment is recommended to keep hives dry