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Cornish Top Bar Bee Hive, Starter Kit with Options


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This beehive starter kit includes everything you need to start.
  • Fully assembled Cornish Top Bar Bee Hive including all top bars and bolt on legs.
    • Varroa mesh floor and inspection tray
    • Vented, gabled roof - lift and slide off the hive with one hand
    • Moveable division/dummy board with feeding access hole
    • Filled with 26 of our especially designed top bars - grooved for ventilation and for the addition of wax starter strips or comb guides (available but not included).
    • Smooth moulded entrances at both ends
    • Bolt on Legs - nuts and bolts included
  • White Beekeepers Vest and Hooded Zipped Veil - one size fits all
  • Beekeeping Hat and Hooped Veil - one size fits all
  • Leather Beekeepers Gloves
  • Bee Hive Smoker
  • Hive Tool
  • Bee Brush
  • 4 Pint Feeder and Feeder Shelf
  • An observation window with removable shutter can be added to this hive.
  • Choose your glove size.
  • Treated with 2 coats of Wood Stain & Protect in your choice of colour.
All woodwork is knot free untreated 19mm timber. A weather proofing is recommended to keep hives dry.