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Queen Bee Mating Hive


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Queen bee mating hive, external approx 250mm x 150mm x 170mm.
Perfect for making the most of spare queen cells to raise queen bees.
Made from tough HDPE - durable, easy to clean and recyclable.
Double walled with air cavity for maximum insulation.
Available in 3 colours to help orientation so hives can be grouped close together.
Includes from the top down:
- Roof incorporating a crawl space to pack with fondant.
- Inner transparent cover includes a hole with hinged cover for introducing queen cells and for access to crawl space in the roof.
- 4 clip together frames incorporating top bee space.
- Feeder including a queen excluder and internal ladder. The feeder can be removed allowing space for 2 more frames.
- Hive box with 2 adjustable entrances plus extra spare entrances in a different colour.
- Floor with slide out ventilated floor plate.
The hive roof, body and floor are securely held with clips which also enable multiple hive boxes to be stacked to give the colony more space if required.

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 Queen Bee Mating Hive