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Honey Bee Package, All Hive Types


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  • Estimated Availability from: Sunday 11 June, 2023
Now taking orders for 2023.
A "package" is approx. 3lb or 1.3kg of worker bees (about the same quantity as supplied in a nucleus colony) together with a caged queen bee and 1lt of syrup feed supplied in a Package Cage designed for transport.
They have no frames so are suitable to populate any hive type including Top Bar Hives, Warre Hives, Langstroth, Dadant etc.

Collection from Cornwall or Oxfordshire only - Delivery does not apply.
Ensure you choose the correct Collection Option
These will be produced ready for collection on set dates during June (the date shown above is just approximate).
What those dates will be is entirely dependent on nature, the bees and the weather so it is not possible to accommodate collection dates requested by customers.
They can only be produced for orders made in advance so order before spring to avoid disappointment.
Our production will be at the end of a week for collection dates on weekends for customer convenience.
Honey bees can only be held in packages for a few days therefore be prepared for short (24-48 hour) notice of collection.
Customers who have ordered will be notified by email with the date to collect so ensure you have provided us with a valid email address and check your email junk/spam folder.
They must be collected in the morning on notified date - they cannot be held any longer.
Packages are sold in accordance with the constraints above therefore uncollected colonies are not refundable.
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We are members of the Bee Farmers Association of the U.K. - the voice of professional beekeeping. Over the years we have passed on hundreds of colonies, helping beginners and beekeeping projects to start their own apiaries.
All livestock is disease checked and in accordance with NBU and FERA guidelines.