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Garden Bird Feeder & Food Bundle


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Garden Bird Feeder & 6kg Mixed Food Bundle.
  • Garden Bird Seed Feeder.
    • Solid wooden construction with perspex dividers.
    • 19mm solid untreated wood - approx. 36cm long, 27cm wide, 26cm high.
    • 2 large capacity hoppers so 2 different bird foods or seed mixes can be provided.
    • This seed feeder is specifically designed for feeding any type of wild bird seeds.
    • Hanging cord is included which allows the roof to be removed for filling and cleaning.
    • See other items in this category for a hanging bracket designed for this feeder if needed.
  • Sunflower Hearts, 1kg
  • Premium Seed Mix, 1kg
  • No Wheat Seed Mix, 1kg
  • Finch Seed Mix, 1kg
  • Robin & Songbird Mix, 1kg
  • High Energy Mix, 1kg

This can be supplied with 2 coats of Wood Stain & Protect.
Clear Tough Coat for the body for easy cleaning and a choice of colour for the roof (see example image).
This is the perfect addition to any bird lovers garden - a must have for anyone wanting to help provide habitat.