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Garden Bird Nest Box, House Sparrow Terrace


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Garden Bird Nest Box, House Sparrows Terrace
This nest box is specifically designed for House Sparrows that prefer to nest in a colony with three nest cavities and 32mm entrance holes facing in different directions.
These are made to RSPB and NTO specifications with many features not found in cheap alternatives.
It is best to put up nest boxes in winter so they are ready for birds in spring.
Wood protection is recommended to keep nest boxes dry.
This nest box has been carefully designed with the birds in mind.
  • Optimum floor area for maximum clutch size.
  • Fitted with an internal ledge just below the entrance - important to help the fledging chicks safely leave the nest.
  • Removable floor for end of season cleaning.
  • 19mm thick insulating solid untreated timber construction throughout.
  • Approx. 22 x 7 x 8 inches, 56 x 16 x 20 cm
  • Fully assembled.
This is the perfect addition to any bird lovers garden - a must have for anyone wanting to help provide habitat.