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Single Modular Observation Hive, 1 Frame complete.


  • Single Modular Observation Hive, Frame Module includes:
    • Frame module is for 1 Standard Deep National Frame.
    • Glazed on both sides with genuine Perspex for safety - tough and food safe too. Both windows are easily removed and slide in from the top.
    • 2 Insulation Blackout foam panels.
    • 2 ventilated Entrance Blocks can be removed to use the 2 Access Feeding Holes. These can be made tamper proof with screws.
    • Fitted with 90kg spring claw latches at the top and catch plates at the bottom.
  • Single Modular Observation Hive, Lid
    • The Lid slots onto the top edges of the windows.
    • Fitted with catch plates for spring claw latches.
  • Single Modular Observation Hive, Varroa Floor includes
    • The Frame Module slots onto the pegs on the Varroa Floor.
    • Fitted with 90kg spring claw latches. These can be made tamper proof with screws.
    • Stainless steel mesh.
    • Slide out inspection tray.
  • Single Modular Observation Hive, Stand
    • 2 piece stand or hive stabilisers.
    • Holes for screw attachment to the Floor and holes for attachment to the display surface e.g. table.
  • Modular Observation Hive, Feeder Box and Adaptor includes
    • 1.5 pint plastic feeder container with peirced lid.
    • Top Slide on the Feeder Box allows the feeder container to be easily removed and holds it securely in place - can be made tamper proof with a screw.
    • Stainless steel mesh allows bees access to feed but prevents escape.
    • Entrance Block prevents bees in the Feeder Box escaping when it is removed.
    • Entrance Adaptor - this can be attached to an entrance hole with screws. The Feeder Box slides on and off the Adaptor and can be made tamper proof with screws.
  • Modular Observation Hive, Entrance Tube Adaptor includes
    • Entrance Adaptor - this can be attached to an entrance hole with screws. The Entrance Tube slides on and off the Adaptor and can be made tamper proof with screws.
    • A ventilated Entrance Block prevents bees in the Entrance Tube escaping when it is removed.
    • 1 meter of Entrance Tube. Black to prevent bees being confused by light. Very flexible. Internally corrugated makes it easy for bees to grip.
All timber is untreated - weather proofing wood treatment is recommended to keep hives dry.
The entrance blocks and spring claw latches on the Frame Module have holes so they can be made tamper proof with screws if used in public.
Modules can be connected vertically and laterally so build up your observation hive to your own size and configuration.
These are designed for the permanent or temporary, fixed or mobile observation and display of honey bees. The whole unit can be carried and transported. This is a good way to make use of a retired queen bee.

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