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Helping Nature

Helping nature is just one of the rewards of keeping bees but it's not only the honey bees that need a helping hand.

All wildlife needs a home and although no one person can change the world, we can make a difference in our own back garden by providing a wild garden.

Do not use pesticides or herbicides.
This should be self explanatory.
What might be considered pests or weeds by some are vital sources of food for all wildlife.
Just for one example, the thistle, what some consider to be a weed.
The leaves are the only food plant for the Painted Lady butterfly caterpillar.
The flowers are a nectar source for a countless number of insects including honey bees and solitary bees.
The seed heads provide food for a variety of wild birds, especially Goldfinches.
Now how do you feel about killing that plant?

Avoid mowing.
Mowing the grass obviously prevents and wild flowers from growing.
Many caterpillars of butterflies and moths as well as other insects feed on grass.
Many small rodents such as voles use the thatch that builds up in long grass to shelter and nest.
The wild flowers provide food for countless insects and birds.
The insects provide food for other insects, bats and birds.
The rodents provide food for stoats, weasels, owls and other animals and birds.
Now how do you feel about mowing the grass?

Leave deadwood.
Everything from leaves, twigs and branches to fallen trees provide food, nesting sites and habitat for countless animals.
Removing them also removes this natural resource for wildlife.

Provide nest box habitats.
Deadwood and standing dead trees with hollows provide nest sites and shelter for a variety of insects, birds and other animals but is increasingly rare. 
Providing nest boxes to replace these habitats will naturally provide help for bees and all kinds of other insects, birds, bats and other mammals.

Plant wildflowers.
Wildflowers will grow if they are given the opportunity but it can naturally help by planting them yourself.

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