Beekeeping & Wildlife Supplies, Cornwall, South West UK

Customer Discounts

At Heather Bell Honey Bees we keep our prices as low as we can all year round so we do not have "sales".

The flower faithful honey bee is rewarded with nectar and pollen so we are happy to reward our loyal customers in different ways too.

These discounts are designed to benefit customers buying wholesale in quantity or as part of a club or group so, just like the honey bees, get social with some friends to combine orders to take advantage of the highest discount levels.

  • Loyalty Discount - We give up to 10% discount on every customer order according to the value of completed orders in the past 3 years (see table below - you must be registered on our website for this discount to apply). This is automatically applied in the checkout process - it will show as a deduction on the order confirmation page.
  • Bulk Buy and Wholesale Discounts - Some items are already discounted when you buy in quantity - items here
  • Delivery - Packing and Delivery charge is capped so we pay the packing and delivery costs for additional parcels (UK inner zones only - details here) - we do not inflate our prices to cover the costs of packing and delivery so this equates to up to 10% discount.

These discounts are combined so you can make massive savings.

Total Spend Last 3 Years Discount %
£50.00 1%
£100.00 2%
£200.00 3%
£400.00 4%
£500.00 5%
£600.00 6%
£700.00 7%
£800.00 8%
£900.00 9%
£1000.00 10%