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Variegated Poplar, Populus candicans Aurora

Variegated Poplar, also known as the Ontario Poplar and Balm of Gilead Tree -  Populus candicans Aurora.

We give this tree a mention for several reasons.
  • It is a favourite for honey bees as source of plant resin, referred to as propolis when they use it in their hive. Most poplar trees produce this resin covering their leaf buds but this tree does produce large quantities.
  • It is also a food plant for the caterpillars of several moths including the Eyed Hawk Moth and Herald Moth.
  • A conspicuous poplar with variegated leaves, it can reach 20m but can be pruned which also encourages the production of the beautiful variegated white, pink and green leaf colours.
  • Poplars will grow easily almost anywhere though, like willows, poplars have very vigorous and invasive root systems.
  • Introduced by a nursery in Truro in 1920 it originally came from a garden in North Devon.
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