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Beginners Kits


National Bee Hive, WBC Bee Hive, Cornish Top Bar Hive Beginners Kits (with Free Delivery) include the essential items needed to start keeping honey bees with some options and add-ons to customise your bee hive.

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Bee Hives, Boxes, Frames

British National Bee Hives (widest range available anywhere), WBC Bee Hives, Commercial Bee Hives, Cornish Top Bar Hives, Warré Bee Hives, Nucleus Bee Hives, Frames and Beeswax Foundation.

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Beekeeping Tools, Equipment

Beekeeping Protective Clothing, Hive Tools, Smokers, Hive Feeders, Varroa Treatments, Swarm Control, Honey Processing, Queen Rearing, Bee Hive Hardware, DIY Fixings, Wood Treatments.

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Beekeepers Home & Garden


Beekeepers Gifts

Bird Nest Boxes

Wildlife Habitats, Wildflower Seeds

Engraved Signs.

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Bee Books, Gift Vouchers

Beekeeping Books, New for brand new books - latest titles and best sellers. Beekeeping Books, Used for second hand books - from rare collectors copies to bargain paperbacks.

Gift vouchers and cards are also available.

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Nucleus Colonies, Queens

Nucleus colonies for sale - reared and bred in the U.K. We are professional bee farmers so livestock is bred from our own production stocks.

Beekeeping Courses with a professional bee farmer.

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