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Bee hive entrance blocks and entrance guards, clearing escapes.
Bee Clearing Escape, 6 Way

6 Way Bee Clearing Escape
Diameter 6 1/4 inches.
Simply pin to the underneath of the clearing board or crown…

Bee Hive Cone Escapes, x2

Honey bee cone escapes, 2 pieces. Many uses -  attach to the outside of bee hive ventilation holes to allow bees out…

Bee Clearing Escapes, Porter, x2

Porter Bee Clearing Escapes x 2
All plastic construction…

Vented Crown Board Hole Block, x2

Vented Crown Board Hole Block, x2. Made from plywood to block the holes in crown boards whilst maintaining ventilation.  …

Bee Clearing Escape, Rhombus

Rhombus Bee Clearing Escape - 122mm x 370mm. The large grilled area and cone design for rapid clearing.
All food grade plastic construction.…

Bee Hive Mouse Guard, Plastic

Mouse guard, food grade plastic, very strong and rigid design. 40mm x 420mm x 3mm.
Smooth moulded 8.5mm apertures reduce…

Bee Hive Robber Guard Screen

This is our own multi-purpose design that proves very useful - 200mm x 140mm.
Attach it over the entrance hole of…

Pollen Trap

Plastic pollen trap with slide out ventilated pollen tray.
Approx 15 x 5 x 4 inches.
This will need adapting…

Bee Hive Entrance Block, Foam

Foam Entrance Block.
Approx. 1 inch square and 20 inches long
Ideal for blocking the bee hive entrance when transporting…

Bee Hive Entrance Blocks, x5 Colours

Rotating Entrance Blocks, Mouse Guards, x 5, one of each colour
Rotate to adjust entrance. The block is 2 ¾ inches…

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