A variety of honey comb uncapping tools and equipment.
Honey Uncapping Tray & Tank

Stainless steel uncapping tray and polypropylene tank. The stainless steel tray is supplied with 2 removeable supports for the frame whilst it is…

Honey Uncapping Support

This uncapping support is a versatile shelf that slots firmly onto a standard 10 litre/30 pound bucket and is designed to suit…

Honey Uncapping Fork

Uncapping Fork, 22cm long, 7cm wide.
The cranked handle and cranked needle tines makes this design easy to use.…

Comb Uncapper

Comb Uncapper, 22cm long, 7cm wide. Solid wood handle with blade shaped tines make this a strong tool. Well designed, this is…

Honey Uncapping Knife

Uncapping Knife 44cm total length, 28cm blade length
A cranked handle and bevelled knife edge and tip makes this design easy…

Honey Uncapping Rollers

Uncapping Rollers
Set of two uncapping rollers, 11.5 cm and 6.5 cm wide.
The roller diameters are 5cm with 1cm spikes