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Honey bottlers and settling tanks, sieves and strainers, nylon and stainless steel.
Honey Uncapping Tray & Tank

Stainless steel uncapping tray and polypropylene tank. The stainless steel tray is supplied with 2 removeable supports for the frame whilst it is…

Honey Strainer, Nylon Sieve

1mm mesh for coarse filtering of honey without clogging.
The mesh is attached to a rigid metal hoop, 32cm diameter,…

Honey Strainer, Double Nylon Sieve

Double strainer, coarse and fine 2 part sieve.
24 cm diameter sieves with arms to fit 30lb buckets.…

Honey Strainer, Double Stainless Steel Sieve

Two piece, stainless steel coarse strainer and fine strainer. 25cm diameter, 5cm deep. Extendable arms up to 41cm so this will fit…

Honey Bucket Drainer Support

Stainless steel support bracket for draining honey buckets. (30lb, 15kg buckets shown for scale but buckets not included)…

Honey Bottler, Settling Tank 15 kg

Honey Bottler, Polythene Tank, Metal Handle
9 inches high, 12 inches diameter
Nominal capacity of 2 gallons or 10 litres which will…

Honey Bottler, Settling Tank 35 kg

Honey Bottler, Polythene Tank, Metal Handle
16 inches high, 14 inches diameter with a capacity of 25 litres, 5 gallons, holding…

Honey Bottler, Settling Tank 25 kg

Honey Bottler, Stainless Steel Tank.
31cm high, 31cm diameter with a capacity of 25kg approx.

Honey Bottler, Settling Tank 50 kg

Honey Bottler, Stainless Steel Tank.
41cm high, 41cm diameter with a capacity of 50kg approx.

Honey Warmer & Beeswax Melter

This really is an invaluable and versatile piece of equipment, a must have for every beekeeper. It will get used more…

Honey Drizzler

Honey Drizzler - turned wooden honey server - 150mm, 6 inches long.…

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