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Swarm Bait Lure, 100ml.
A natural formula of pure essential oils, vegetable oil and beeswax.
It has a non-drip thick paste formula so it can be applied to any surface like paint.
For example, paint it on the inside of a bait hive or smear it on a piece of kitchen roll.
A little goes a long way, a single application of 5-10ml is suggested.
Swarm Bait Lure has a strong perfume so reapply when this has dissipated - this will vary according to ambient temperature.
The blend of different essential oils contains geraniol, citral, nerol and farnesol, substances similar to honey bee Nasonov pheromone, proven to attract the attention of honey bees scouting for a new nest.
The oil and beeswax carrier prolongs the effectiveness of the bait by delaying the evaporation of the aromatic ingredients.
Note this has an attractive fragrance but it has a high concentration of pure essential oils - avoid skin contact.

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